Know your baby-Humidifier

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Know your baby---Humidifier

Maybe you are amazing that humidifier can be used in the summer days.But what the truth I tell you,not only can be used in the summer,you can use it in the most of your cold dry winter day!

The smart you must realize your skins are dry to peeling,or do not feel well after you getting up in the morning.Such as feel your throat dry,or little painful.One of the reason is may your room humidity not enough.Yes,maybe also you have a super warm bed~


Here,we may need the valuable resource-A humidifier.


This good guy can help you away from such problems.

---Dry skin

---Dry and painful throat(exclude the ill factor)

---Dry nasal cavity(which means you dont feel well about your nose or have blood in it and exclude ill factor)


---Cracked lips


Knowing your humidifier.

Usually humidifier will exhaust water vapor into the air. And need you use fresh water to pour to it.Before you use the humidifier,please remember to keep it clean.For steam vaporizers type,it is the one easiest to gather bacteria but easiest to clean.So whatever the type you use,please keep in mind to keep clean.But if you are the people who with asthma or allergies,please use distilled water each time to or talk to your doctor to confess whether it is suitable.


And please notice that it is not the more the humidity the better.For science,it is better to keep the room humidity at 30% - 50% rate from everywhere in the months of winter.And it is best to have below 65% rate in the summer days.So we know that too much humidity is not the best choice.So dose the too low one.


And by the way,be sure to monitor the humidifier level just as mentioned.Dry air can cause the ailments.Use humidifier will keep you away from cold,flu,dry skin and throat and more.Not only this in enough to keep health,people should do propel exercise three or four times once a week.And drink water everyday.God is watching you if you are not keep health,do you believe?


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