2-Port Car USB Phone Charger+ 50Ml Auto Air Vent Air Humidifier Purifier Portable Car Air Humidifier Cool Mist Purifier

2-Port Car USB Phone Charger+ 50Ml Auto Air Vent Air Humidifier Purifier Portable Car Air Humidifier Cool Mist Purifier

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    2-Port Car USB Phone Charger+ 50mL Auto Air Vent Air Humidifier Purifier Portable Car Air Humidifier cool mist Purifier

    Instruction for air humidifier:
    1. Spin the cover counterclockwise to open.
    2. Pour appropriate amount of purified water into the tank.
    3. Spin the cover clockwise to close.
    4. Press the touch button to start spraying.

    Instruction for car charger:
    1. Plug the car charger into the car cigarette lighter socket and the indicator lights up.
    2. Install the humidifier on the car air vent, connect the USB cable to car charger, and the red indicator lights.
    3. Turn the lid counterclockwise to open, then pour in appropriate amount of water into the tank, and finally spin the lid clockwise to close.
    4. Press the touch button and the blue light turns on and the product will go into humidification mode.
    5. Press the touch button again, the blue and red lights turn on and the product will enter intermittent humidification mode.
    6. Press the touch button once (3 times), the red indicator light turn on and it will enter shutdown mode.

    Product color: gold, pink, white
    Rated working voltage: 12V-24V
    Extreme operating voltage: 9V-26V
    USB maximum output: 5V/2.1A + 5V/1A
    Working current: 150mA-180mA
    Power: 0.9W-1.2W
    Spray volume: 20-30mL/hour
    Water tank capacity: 50mL

    Warm prompt:
    1. The product has automatic power-off protection. After 1 hour use, it will automatically shut down. If you wish to continue using it, refill the tank and press the touch button again.
    2. Distilled water or pure water is recommended for humidifier. If the spray shrinks, use a sponge stick (wet with a small amount of white vinegar) to gently press the hole and rotate 5-10 times.
    Turning off the humidifier before replacing water can increase the service life.
    3. Please replace the humidifier\'s water daily and do regular disinfection.

    1. Do not switch to diffuser mode when the reservoir is empty.
    2. The product\'s operating temperature is 0 ~ 45 ℃.
    3. Keep it away from children and kids.
    4. Unplug it and remove all liquids when not in use and place it in a dry area.

    1 x Car USB Charger
    1 x Car Air Vent Humidifier
    1 x User Manual
    Application ≪10㎡
    Certification CCC
    Classification Humidification
    Function Pureness Type
    Humidification Method Mist Discharge
    Humidifying Capacity 30Ml/H
    Humidity Control Piano Type
    Installation USB
    Mist Outlet Quantity One
    Noise ≪36Db
    Operation Method Keyboard Type
    Power (W) 0.9W-1.2W
    Power Type USB
    Shape Classic Columnar
    Timing Function No
    Type Evaporative Humidifier
    Use Household
    Voltage (V) 12V-24V
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